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Powerseed® Portable Power for Mobile Devices 


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Powerseed® - Portable Power for Mobile Devices Powerseed® - Energia Portable para Dispositivos Moviles

POWER UP with Powerseed®


Powerseed® is a rechargeable power bank that is powerful, colorful, portable and stylish!

It’s a problem when you have your mobile device running low on batteries, but it’s even more difficult when you no where to charge it! Today’s Power Banks are no longer just an accessory; they are an absolute necessity for people who use Smart phones, Tablets, GPS and any electronic devices that are rechargeable via USB port.

Modern Smart-phones, like the iPhone (3-4-5), Galaxy S3, S4, Lumia etc, and Tablets such as iPad, Galaxy Tab and Google play, unfortunately ‘die’ from high battery use before the end of the day especially if used in 3G/4G mode. A Power Bank is the perfect solution to keep your device ‘alive’ all day.  The Powerseed power bank is a recharge unit that is powerful, colorful and portable to suit your charging needs. Powerseed has introduced a new Power Mate line characterized by extreme quality and style, offering different power solutions for different products and different colors for personal choice. Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet, portable gaming device or camera, so long as it charges with a USB cord, the Powerseed can charge it **.  

No more searching for power outlets and carrying bulky wall chargers. The Powerseed devices are small and lightweight enough that you could easily put it in your pocket or a small purse and it won’t weigh you down.  With its easy and simple operation,  once you plug in your device you simply turn on the battery and it starts charging. There’s also a series of LED lights that help you keep track of how much power you’ve got left in the battery. A USB to micro or mini USB charging cord is included for charging the battery pack. A variety of cords with various output tips are available for charging almost any type of mobile phone and portable device.

The Powerseed product uses  Lithium (Polymer) battery and is FCC, CE and ROHS certified and every model is designed with highest safety standards

The housing is made of Aluminum Alloy for strength and durability and trimmed with aircraft grade acrylic. Inside is a high quality rechargeable Lithium ion battery protected by an intelligent charging circuit, which also protects your device.

The Powerseed will charge just about any device that uses USB to charge, Cell Phones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, Windows), Tablets (iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Google Nexus, Android Tablets), Portable Gaming systems (PSP, DS etc) Portable video players (iPods, MP-3 MP-4,etc)  and Cameras (Go Pro Hero and more).

If it uses a USB cable to charge Powerseed can charge it.**

On this webiste you will find the technical specifications of any of the four models currently available in the North and South American region, as well as find out where to buy your Powerseed device if you've yet to join the revolution!


**Charges most devices that use USB cables for charging. Some devices may require use of the original USB cable sold with the product.


Powerseed US – Portable USB Lithium Polymer Charger

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